Jackknifing is when a trailer being pulled by a vehicle skids and pushes out from behind the towing vehicle, sliding around to where it is facing backward.

This type of accident is called jackknifing because the affected vehicle resembles the angle of a folding pocket knife. A rig will jackknife when the drive axle brakes lock up, or may also result from icy or slick road conditions that cause the trailer to lose traction. The accident also may result from a load shifting.

Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) help prevent jackknifing, because once a heavy truck’s axle locks, tire traction can be lost and it is difficult for the vehicle to resist even slight lateral forces. In an emergency situation without ABS, a driver must often choose between directional stability and maximum braking capacity.

A jackknife accident also may result in a rollover, which is the most dangerous situation for a driver, accounting for the majority of fatalities in commercial truck accidents.

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